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Exports to Eire

Deactivated Weapons
No Export licence is required for deactivated weapons up to .50 calibre, but magazines must be deactivated to current standards
What's needed to legally import a deact into Ireland is an authorisation from the purchasers local Gardai (police) station under section 6.1 of the firearms and offensive weapons act 1990 and an import license from Justice. If it's anything like an authorisation for antiques it's just a written and signed authorisation on Gardai letterhead stamped by the station. They submit the authorisation to the Dept. of justice to get an import license, the application form is on www.justice.ie. A copy of a deact cert if there is one and any information on the weapon should be given to the Gardai and Justice for the applications. When it arrives the Gardai will likely want the gun submitted for inspection to ensure it's a deact or they can ask for it to be sent to the ballistics unit and the details of this should be arranged prior to importation.

Tools, Accessories and Spares
An export licence is required for all items related to firearms except slings, covers and simliar items, importation restrictions are unknown
This Information as at 30/08/07 is believed to be correct but no responsibility is taken for its accuracy, and all information should be checked with appropriate local/national authorities before acting.

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